Okaloosa County School District AI program, in collaboration with the EQuIPD grant, has been awarded funding by the Gulf Triumph Foundation. The award is for developing and implementing an Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science program for K12 schools to establish a K20+ pipeline for students over time. 


The project aims to work with Okaloosa County School District to create state and district-level curriculum frameworks for high school courses through the IT cluster for CTE to develop a four-year program. Programming, using languages such as Python, is the foundation of the program. The frameworks grow to teach how to apply those same programming skills to Data Science and Machine Learning. The program will expand into developing elementary-level curriculum frameworks to align with Florida core content standards and begin to build the foundation for AI/ML/Data Science. 


EQuIPD will design, develop, and provide professional development to teachers in these content areas to support content knowledge development and pedagogical practices. Teachers will participate in a 40-hour summer bootcamp, ten additional professional development days, and one-on-one coaching support services throughout each school year in the program. 

To access open course materials on Canvas Commons for the Foundations of Programming Data Science, please click here.