Hendry County Teacher Earns $20,000 Grant for District Math Teachers

David Lee, a math teacher at LaBelle High School in Hendry County, FL recently earned a prestigious Math MicroGrant 2020. Mr. Lee’s proposal was one of only five accepted this year, earning a top spot amidst a record number of proposals. Mr. Lee has earned up to $20,000 worth of site licenses for teachers and students in his school district, and he is excited to learn how to help his students learn this software.


FigureMath is an active learning tool that allows students to explore and discover equations. The multi-platform web app encourages students to drag and drop numbers, variables, and other expressions to simplify or manipulate equations. The logic of the web app controls for error. For example, you cannot divide before you subtract when solving an equation such as 2x – 5 = 11.

We are proud of David for earning this prestigious honor and look forward to implementing this software with his class!