The EQuIPD Model

Student Learning

Achieving effective student learning lies at the core of our efforts and framework of goals. We emphasize the use of truly powerful tools and strategies including inquiry based lessons, technology, and computational thinking. This results in students who are better prepared to achieve their goals and successfully navigate their careers.…... Read More

Teacher Development

We implement several proven strategies ranging from coaching sessions with varying levels of intensity and areas of focus to help our teachers build more effective lessons. Teachers who know what effective teaching and learning look like are, in turn, able to coach their colleagues and be critically reflective of their…... Read More

Coaching Model

At the core of our coaches' practice lies our coaching model which outlines the various facets of the roles, responsibilities, and guiding statements that inspire our coaches. The facilitative coaching framework outlines the goals and areas of emphasis in the coaching practice. Systematic documentation of all relevant progress helps us…... Read More